September 15, 2017



World famous fabrics are used in each suit construction, such as Lora Piana, Zegna, Reda and Giovani. My basic suit is woven Super 120s wool, but I offer up to a Super 180s wool. Which is comparable to Savile Row, the UK Royal standard.

Bemberg linings made from the highest quality natural cotton linter material, which is the signature of today’s modern high-end menswear.

Every suit uses a top-half canvas construction and undergo over 100 quality assurance verifications to ensure that each product will last. I’m dedicated to providing products of the highest quality that do not deteriorate over time.

In order to increase durability in each suit’s construction, a horse hair lining which is known for its “memory” that keeps the suit looking new with the same elegant drape each time you wear it.

Every suit is constructed from the highest quality natural materials, in order to maintain a long life and a sound investment.



The first step in creating your custom garments, is getting to know you and your needs.

·       What’s your occupation?

·       Where will you be wearing the garment/s? (Work, night out or both)

·       Will you be travelling? (Warm or cold climate)

·       What are the colors & patterns you currently own? (Suits, blazers, shirts etc.)



Fabric selection will include information on the weight, fabric sourcing, super number and what it all means.

-The Weight determines how often the garment should worn and in what climates.

– The Sourcing is where the fabric is milled. (Europe & Australia)

-The Super Number describes softness and fineness of the fabric. This is based on micron count, which is the diameter of each fiber strain.



·       Garment details are based on each client’s personal preferences and style.

The options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Lapel style
  2. Pocket style
  3.  Jacket style
  4.  Lining style
  5.  Sleeve buttons
  6.  Cuff style
  7.  Pic stitching
  8.  Contrasting stitching and fabric
  9.   Fit (loose, fitted or slim)


Measurements and Construction

·Over 16 measurements are taken with extreme care to ensure a perfect fit with every garment. As measurements are performed, we confirm the comfort level with each one. Starting with the neck measurement and ending with pant bottom width.


Suit & Shirt Construction

-Each garment begins with a pattern cut by master tailors from your measurements. This is a very important step, because the pattern cut can only be used for a specific client and can be saved for future orders.

-Every blazer starts with a half canvas chest piece, but a full canvas is optional.

-Reinforced stitching is used throughout.
Lining, Button holes, Cuff button holes, Pockets.

-Light weight cotton is used in the shoulder pads.

-Trousers are lined 3/4 down the front, but a full lining is available for the colder climates. The waist band has a inner fusing to withstand bubbling and a rubber strip is attached to keep your shirt tucked in. A heel guard is also attached to reduce wear at the bottom of the trousers.

-Each shirt has inner fusing in the collars, cuffs and placket. This ensures they stand strong through dry cleaning or home washing.  Reinforced stitching is used for buttons, button holes, sleeves, collars and cuffs.

*Over 1,000 luxury suiting fabrics.

(Super 120s-180s / 100% Wool & Wool blends )

*Over 1,000 shirting fabrics.

(100% Luxury 2 & 3 ply Cotton)




PAUL PARKMAN ® represents a sophisticated brand of luxury man’s footwear which never loses sight of the real art of handcrafting and enhances the personality of those experiencing the brand. PAUL PARKMAN ® prides itself on manufacturing some of the highest quality men’s dress shoes on the market. Starting from the English style, during the years PAUL PARKMAN ® has been constantly modelling its collections dedicating particular attention to the tendencies of the moment, however being faithful to its genre, that is to say classical & fashionable shoes.


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